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Personal Styling Services

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 Magnificent Mile Package

$115/ 1 hour

Bond Street


$325/ 3 hours

 Champs-Elysees Package

$400/ 4 hours

 Rodeo Drive 


$625/ 6 hours

 Fifth Avenue


$1000/ 10 hours

 What can Style Strada do for you?

We can help you present yourself in a whole new way by enhancing your own personal style. We’ll help you simplify the process of being expertly styled for events, occasions, work, and weekends.  Everyone is different and has special requests, budgets, and lifestyles. We take this all into account and construct wardrobes and outfits that suit your every need. Customization is our specialty.  


With our in-depth understanding, experience and insight into the clothing industry

we can take you where no other stylist can!

Let us know what your individual requests are. We can help!


The professionals at Style Strada can:

  • Edit your existing wardrobe to the pieces you truly need
  • Create new outfits you never knew you had from pieces you already own
  • List the basic items needed to build a complete wardrobe (including lingerie and underpinnings)
  • Create personalized on-line shopping lookbooks for complete outfits or single item needs
  • Take you in-store personal shopping
  • Help you find the exclusive perfect gift


To get started, call us at 844-StyleSt (844-789-5378) or email us by clicking here