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Favorite Item- Cashmere Sweaters

Cozy Cashmere Sweaters You’ll Delight In

 It’s cozy cashmere sweater season! If you have to bear the elements there’s nothing better than coveted cashmere to wrap yourself in.

Finding good quality cashmere isn’t always easy but when you find that quality piece you’ll surely stay warm.  That’s because cashmere’s raw material comes from the fleece of goats that live in high and dry climates where the temperatures can reach -40 degrees celsius or (-40 degrees fahrenheit).

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 The price of cashmere depends on where the fibers are taken from.  Those taken from the neck and underbelly are considered higher quality and thus more expensive.  High quality cashmere is an investment piece that you’ll have for years with the proper care.

When trying to find the best cashmere check the softness.  If it’s too soft that means it’s over milled and will pill quicker.  If  it’s more course it means it’s been under-milled.  Look for items that spring back into shape after being stretched.  This is a sign of a quality and tightly woven garment.

Don’t forget to have the Evercare Fabric Shaver on hand.  All cashmere pills at some point.  Also, wash cashmere on a gentle cycle with cashmere shampoo or have it professionally cleaned.  Last, make sure to store your pieces in an air-tight bag with cedar balls for protection from moths.

Styling your cashmere sweater can range from pairing it with jeans to a ball gown skirt! Anything goes with the jeans, throw on some suede heels and a statement necklace and you’ve got a stylish pulled together look.  For a work outfit try your cashmere sweater with a great flared pant and add a blazer.  If you’re heading to an event requiring formal attire, go with a short sleeve or sleeveless fitted cashmere sweater that has a turtleneck or round neck.

Our picks our based on quality cashmere brands we trust (and personally wear) in styles and colors that you’ll wear for years.

 For more Tips on how to wear your favorite items, contact Style Strada!

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