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Styling Secrets-Fashion Myths To Be Broken-Part 1

Fashion Myths that need to be Broken

We’ve all heard the saying “rules are meant to be broken.” And in this case they are right!

  1. No White after Labor Day.

White is one of the chicest colors no matter what time of the year it is. White is a year round color in tops and bottoms. White jeans look great with tee shirts as well as cozy sweaters. We love this effortless chic look- white jeans, soft cashmere sweater and tall boots. 

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2. Navy and Black don’t go together.

Not only does navy and black go together, they are great compliments of each other. These two neutral colors are a sophisticated combination that can elevate the level of any outfit. Whether its combined with lace fabric for a special occasion dress or mixed for a casual look, the navy black combo is a winning combination.

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3. No mixing gold and silver.

In the past, women were either a silver person or a gold person. They had to choose what metal would define them. Not anymore! Mixing of metals is fun and can add depth to any look. We see the mixing in all price ranges from costume jewelry to fine jewelry. It can be subtle with a small accent or bold with layers of chains. Don’t limit your silver and gold to only your jewelry. This collaboration looks great on bags, small leather goods and shoes too. 

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