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Styling Secrets- Body Type, Proportion & Proper Fit

Styling Secrets

1.  Know your body type and what looks the best on you. Are you Petite Curvy, Petite Thin, Hourglass, Straight Figured, Full Figured? Each body type has certain Do’s and Don’ts. Regardless of your body type, remember : dark colors will minimize and light colors will maximize.


2.  Proportions are key for any type of outfit.

  • Full on top– Fitted or Shaped on the bottom.
  • Fitted on the top-Full or relaxed on the bottom.
  • Bare on top– More coverage on the bottom.
  • Leg baring bottoms-more coverage on the top.

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3.  Proper fitting clothes and well kept accessories are key. 

  • A well tailored outfit will increase the quality of your look. Find a tailor to custom fit your look.
  • A simple hem get take an item from “okay” to “wow.”
  • Well kept handbags and shoes will create a polished look. These pieces can elevate or deflate any look. A shoe repair can do both.

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