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Styling Secrets- The Best Necklace Length For You

What is the best necklace length for you?
Current Necklace Trends It's a season of fabulous jewelry looks! In the necklace category we're seeing chokers, statement necklaces, structured looks, fringe combinations and delicate gold layering pieces.  Most of which will be in gold due to the precious metal's attractive price. The key to accessorizing with these necklace trends is balance.  with minimal pattern coordinate nicely with strong statement pieces. For ensembles with more pattern and texture opt for more . As always, it's impo...
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Styling Secrets- Fashion Myths To Be Broken-Part 2

Styling Secrets Myths That Need To Be Broken
Fashion Myths that need to be Broken - Part 2 (if you missed Part 1 click here) We've all heard the saying "rules are meant to be broken." And in this case they are right!   4. Your Bags and Shoes Should Match. There are so many great bags and shoes in so many fun colors and textures. Why limit yourself trying to make sure it matches a belt or other bags and handbags. If it's a great piece and you love it-Buy It! If there are too many contrasting colors pair your "loved" item with neu...
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Styling Secrets-Fashion Myths To Be Broken-Part 1

Styling Secrets Fashion Myths To Be Broken Volume 1
Fashion Myths that need to be Broken We've all heard the saying "rules are meant to be broken." And in this case they are right! No White after Labor Day. White is one of the chicest colors no matter what time of the year it is. White is a year round color in tops and bottoms. White jeans look great with tee shirts as well as cozy sweaters. We love this effortless chic look- white jeans, soft cashmere sweater and tall boots.  [show_ms_widget id="29104519" image_id="31582380" width="...
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Styling Secrets- Classic Looks, Day to Night Looks & More

Styling Secrets Perfecting a Classic Style A classic style doesn't have to be boring. Many of the chicest women in fashion are known for having the perfect classic style. Wearing all classic pieces gives a very pulled together look. You can also create a more high style look by taking a classic piece and mixing it with torn jeans, bold prints, and leather. Here are 3 examples of Perfectly Classic Outfits: Black pencil skirt, gray cashmere turtle neck sweater, camel overcoat, clean 1-...
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Styling Secrets- Body Type, Proportion & Proper Fit

Styling Secrets 1.  Know your body type and what looks the best on you. Are you Petite Curvy, Petite Thin, Hourglass, Straight Figured, Full Figured? Each body type has certain Do's and Don'ts. Regardless of your body type, remember : dark colors will minimize and light colors will maximize.   2.  Proportions are key for any type of outfit. Full on top- Fitted or Shaped on the bottom. Fitted on the top-Full or relaxed on the bottom. Bare on top- More coverage on the bottom. ...
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Styling Secrets- Basic Items, Fashion Items & Undergarments

Basic Items, Fashion Items & Undergarment
Styling Secrets 1.  Make sure you have quality basics as you build your wardrobe in all categories of apparel. A quality basic is a timeless piece that you can wear over and over again for many occasions . These pieces should hold up over time and is the building block for each outfit. [show_lookbook_widget id="243630"] 2.  Limit your new fashion purchases to 5 to 7 nonbasic items per season. These pieces will update your wardrobe and make your current wardrobe updated and modern. This sh...
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