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Styling Secrets- The Best Necklace Length For You

Current Necklace Trends

It’s a season of fabulous jewelry looks! In the necklace category we’re seeing chokers, statement necklaces, structured looks, fringe combinations and delicate gold layering pieces.  Most of which will be in gold due to the precious metal’s attractive price. The key to accessorizing with these necklace trends is balance. Simple outfits with minimal pattern coordinate nicely with strong statement pieces. For ensembles with more pattern and texture opt for more delicate looks.

As always, it’s important to remember that this is just a guide and you should wear what you feel confident and pretty in.  If it’s an heirloom or a special gift but doesn’t meet all the criteria above wear it!

Here’s a few necklaces that are on trend for the season.

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What is the best necklace length for you?

There’s a few things consider when finding the right necklace length for you. Your face shape, bust size, general height, and general body type should all be considered in this process.  Below are a few tips to consider when choosing your length, however there are always exceptions so it’s best to try each necklace on if possible.

Most Common Necklace Lengths

Length Style Placement Looks Best With These Necklines….
14 inches Collar Tightly around the neck Scoop necks, V-necks, off-the-shoulder, ballet necks, & boat necks
16 inches Choker Tightly against base of throat Most all necklines, depending on the clothing style
18 inches Princess On the collarbone Most all necklines, depending on the clothing style
20 to 24 inches Matinee Between the collarbone and the bust Most all necklines, depending on the clothing style
28 to 36 inches Opera On the bust or an inch or two below Most all necklines, depending on the clothing style, especially turtlenecks
36 to 42 inches Rope Wrapped to sit on or just below the center of the bust Most all necklines, depending on the clothing style, especially turtlenecks

How to measure a necklace:

Lay the necklace out straight making sure it’s as straight as possible. Now extend the tape measure from one end of the chain to the other including the clasp in your measurement.  Do not include the length of any charm or pendant hanging from the chain.  This length is the size of the necklace.

Lengths and Widths

Long necks:

Chokers-yes. A choker will work beautifully on a long, thin neck (the proverbial “swan neck”).

Short necks:

Chokers-no. A choker on a short neck can make the neck look even shorter and wider.  Instead opt for a 20″-24″ length which will elongate your neck.

Aging Necks:

Stay away from short and tight necklaces they draw attention to any lines.  Instead opt for longer necklaces and/or  one with pendant to draw attention away from unwanted areas.

Torso Size

A necklace shorter than 22″ sits above or at the bust. For longer lengths it a bit tricky especially if you are short or curvy. It’s usually best to try the lengths on to make sure they don’t looks as though they are hanging off your bust.


If you are on the taller side or of average height you can wear just about any length necklace. If you’re 5’4” or shorter, the best length is one that sits on your collarbone or just below. You’ll need to be careful with long necklaces and statement necklaces, they can sometimes be overwhelming.

Face Shape


Most any length will work for you just make sure to consider your height, neck and body size.


Go for a longer necklace with a pendant or charm, you want to create a “V” shape around your face.  Stay away from a choker to avoid making your face look any fuller.


Here you’ll want to go for a shorter length or choker.  The wide and round shape will soften out your more angular face.


Most lengths will work with your face shape, especially chokers.

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