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Best Spring 2016 Fashion Trends – What To Buy-Part 1

Here’s a list of the Spring 2016 trends and how you can interpret them off the runway.  

Refreshing your wardrobe each season can be challenging, especially when it comes to incorporating the seasonal trends. We’ve made it easy for you.  Think “Catwalk” to “Sidewalk”.
We’ve narrowed down the Spring 2016 Fashion Trends and selected the ones easiest to interpret off the runway.  Then within each trends we’ve carefully chosen which items within the trend you should actually buy.
The best way to look current is to add 1-2 trend items per outfit.  This way you avoid that trying-to-hard look.  If you go to 2 items keep it to 1 piece of clothing and 1 accessory.  The key to looking well styled is to have proper fitting quality pieces in classic and/or updated silhouettes with a touch of the current trend.
Listed below are the Spring 2016 trends and which items within the trend you should actually buy.

Stay tuned for Spring 2016 Fashion Trends Part 2!  Plus we’ll be noting these trends in our Weekly Styled Outfits so you can see exactly how to put them together.

1. ’70’s Inspired Suede


'70's Inspired Suede Trend


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The ’70’s trend is continuing, particularly when it comes to suede.  Designers like Rebecca Minkoff, Jonathan Saunders, and Oliver Rouesteing are just some of the ones using suede in various forms and colors.  What to buy:  Dresses   Jackets   Handbags   Shoes

2.  The “X” Detail

The "X" Detail Trend[show_shopthepost_widget id=”1329420″]

It’s the evolution of the off-the-shoulder top we’ve been seeing for the past few seasons.  This take is a hanging shoulder and the result is an “X” that’s formed from your shoulder to the end of the hanging sleeve. What to buy: Dresses   Blouses

3. Marled Knits


Marled Knits Trend

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You may be inclined to pass on knits for Spring and Summer but they really do work. A Marled knit piece is made of twisted yarn of different colors that have depth, texture and a sophisticated look.   They can be made into different “piles” or thickness so for Spring it’s about wearing the thinner pile.  What to buy: Sweaters  Blazers

4. Lingerie By Day


Lingerie By Day Trend

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It doesn’t get more feminine than this.  Pairing a lingerie look with something constructed is an unexpected yet inviting look. You can’t help but feel pretty.  What to buy: Dresses  Cami Tops

5. Fringe Festival


Fringe Festival Trend

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It’s not done yet, fringe is running right into Spring only on a lighter note.  You’ll want to have a fringe something in your wardrobe this Spring to add flare and style.  What to buy:  Jewelry   Jackets   Handbags   Shoes

6. Denim’s Lighter Side

 Denim's Lighter Side Trend[show_shopthepost_widget id=”1335564″]

Runway denim looks where lighter in weight and shown in skirts, dresses, and shirts in a more dressed up feel.  The beauty of lightweight dressier denim looks is that they are so easy to style with.  Matching a top, shoe, bag, or belt is a cinch.  What to buy:  Dresses   Tops   Skirts


Tell us which trend you’re dying to try!  Stay tuned for Spring 2016 Fashion Trends Part 2!

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