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Styling Secrets- Fashion Myths To Be Broken-Part 2

Fashion Myths that need to be Broken – Part 2 (if you missed Part 1 click here)

We’ve all heard the saying “rules are meant to be broken.” And in this case they are right!


4. Your Bags and Shoes Should Match.

There are so many great bags and shoes in so many fun colors and textures. Why limit yourself trying to make sure it matches a belt or other bags and handbags. If it’s a great piece and you love it-Buy It! If there are too many contrasting colors pair your “loved” item with neutral accessories. Or try to keep in the same color family. No one wants to see an outfit that has been accessorized with pink shoes, pink belt and pink handbag; too matchy-matchy! 

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5. You Shouldn’t Mix Prints and Patterns.

Says who? Men mix pattern and prints all the time, especially with their suits. Think of a well dressed man you know. He probably wears a pattern shirt and print pattern tie all the time. See where we are going? Stripes and Paisleys are good pattern matches ; so are Fair Isles or Argyles with Plaids. Mixing patterns too scary for you? Try a graphic tee under a jacket with a printed bottom. Or start with a Tweed or textured fabric and a pattern print top. If your look has colors in the same color wheel or tonality, you can lose.

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6. You Shouldn’t Wear Denim on Denim.

This is one everyone struggles with from time to time. Does this denim/denim look too dated? Do I look too casual? Keep your denims in different shades to avoid a denim disaster. A light chambray shirt with darker flared jeans creates a cool vibe when accessorized with a heeled shoe. Add a fun accent with a pop of color or animal pattern clutch too break up the blues look. Or try a denim jumpsuit or dress! This has an all over denim look and you don’t need to worry about if the top and bottom matches. Still not sure? Opt for black jeans and a denim blue shirt or jean jacket. We get it – baby steps.

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